Injection of plastics

  • Výrobný závod v Solčanoch disponuje technológiou 22 vstrekolisov s uzatváracou silou od 50 do 2300 ton značky ENGEL. 
  • The production plant in Nitra currently has 8 injectors with a closing force of 100 to 500 tonnes from Arburg and Haitian. A stable manufacturing process is guaranteed by Wittmann automated manipulators.
  • The quality and exact composition of the granulate formulation for the production of specific parts from multiple types of materials (granulate, UV stabilizer, laser additive, masterbatch ...) is guaranteed by Maguire gravimetric dispensers.

Vibration welding

The company has vibration welding machine M-522H od firmy BRANSON, for precision and solid welding of plastic parts for automotive and electrotechnical industry or other applications.


The company offers the surface treatment of plastic, metal and carbon parts by means of industrial blasting using several types of media (corundum, balloon, glass beads, etc.) with the possibility to adjust the pressure from 1 to 8 bar.


The company offers assembly and assembly of products (joining parts, gluing of codes, printing ...) according to customer requirements.

3D measuring

The dimensional inspection of the parts is ensured on the Carl ZEISS's own 3D measuring device with the possibility of measuring parts up to 150cm, width 60cm and height 30cm.

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